To: OPTIN supporters,

We are very sorry that we will have to re-schedule the ICO. Due to recent information from the SEC, ERC-20 tokens are almost definitely security tokens, with no such thing as a “utility token”. Instead of trying to squeeze by, and put the business at-risk, we are going to change our offering to a security token, where buyers can receive actual equity ownership in the DoGood Media companies, similar to stocks traded on the OTC exchanges.
We are still continuing all parts of the project as listed in our white paper.
1. OPTIN holders can purchase advertising on our ad platform. We are also going to open this to commercial advertisers in 2018.
2. The OPTIN Chrome plug-in has been released, and OPTIN holders will receive a bonus for data from the plug-in.
3. EarnHoney users (and our publishing partners) will all receive OPTIN that is fully backed by fiat.
4. We intend to list OPTIN on a exchange in the coming months, possibly tZero and OpenFinance security token exchanges.

The OPTin Advertising system is currently used by 500,000 users

It is compatible with the current ad ecosystem and is already being used to purchase millions of dollars of advertising. Watch the video for a quick introduction.


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Aiming to give advertisers the tools for making the right decision when purchasing inventory; the OPTin platform allows advertisers to fully understand site-level analytics and traffic sources before purchase.

OPTin Coin is the currency that ties it all together, ensuring that all transactions are fast, easy to use, and secure. Always.

OPTIN Ad Council members shown are for illustrative examples. See press releases for announcements.

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Jerome Shimizu

Founder and Managing Partner

One of the top data scientists in the U.S. and a key driving force behind several of the largest and most respected media accountability platforms and products in the industry. These products and platforms influence, optimize, and reallocate billions of dollars in media annually. Member of I-COM Data Science Board and BlockChain group. Graduated from the University of Chicago with honors.

Michael Sheng

Founder and Managing Partner

Experienced entrepreneur, technologist, and avid gamer. Founded FavGames (acquired by Belrion), a first generation virtual currency seller. A polygot developer who has also served as Assistant GM, North Asia for Restaurant Brands Intl, overseeing $500M in revenue. Graduated from UIUC, and acquired 3 Masters Degrees: Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, and MBA from University of Chicago Booth with honors.

Dr. Clement Shimizu

Software Architect

Dr. Shimizu has been building software tools for discrete mathematics, numerical analysis, cryptography, error correcting codes, and signal processing since the late 1990’s. He was awarded a B.S. with distinction in Mathematics and a PhD. in Computer Science for his contributions to Computer Graphics. He won the NASA Major Space Act Award while lead developer and co-owner of The Elumenati Immersive Display Company.

Stefan Sellberg

Chief Revenue Officer

Responsible for driving sales and client growth. Prior to joining DoGood Media, he led Millward Brown’s Agency and Media teams. Stefan is an accomplished business leader with over 20 years experience, and has unique experience growing and exiting startups (Dynamic Logic, acquired by WPP).


Howard Shimmel

President, Janus Insights and Analysis, LLC.

Howard Shimmel is President, Janus Insights and Analysis, a new US based research consultancy. Prior to starting this company, Howard was Chief Research Officer at Turner, where he oversaw all multi-screen entertainment, news, kids and sports research, as well as corporate analysis and insight-led efforts. Shimmel played a critical role in driving the company’s efforts around the consumer journey and insights to better capture measurement for both Turner and its partners. In 2016, in partnership with Turner Ad Sales’ Turner Ignite team, Shimmel oversaw the launch of Turner Ad Lab, an initiative whose goal was to make recommendations about linear and digital video ad experience in light of the changing TV landscape. Prior to be promoted to his role in 2014, Shimmel was senior vice president of ad sales and sports research for Turner, where he oversaw television and digital research analysis and strategy support for the company’s news, entertainment, animation, young adults & kids and sports advertising sales units.  He joined Turner from Nielsen Media & Advertising Analytics where he served as executive vice president responsible for building out an advanced analytic business focused on issues like cross-platform analytics, advanced media targeting, promotion effectiveness and ROI measurement, for media companies, agencies and advertisers. Shimmel’s industry-rich experience includes other leadership roles at The Nielsen Company, America Online, WBIS and MTV Networks. He also served as president of Symmetric Resources, Inc. Over the span of his career, Shimmel has developed research expertise related to technology adoption, methodology and advertising’s impact on sales.

Stephen Jepson

Senior VP, MetrixLab

Nineteen years of experience as an industry expert around the measurement of new and emerging media helping to facilitate growth in the area of measurement and optimization of both online and offline communications. Hard-driving, business focused leader with unique people feel and proven track record in balancing management and meeting client expectations while positioning groups for success. Thought leader for innovation in advertising effectiveness technology that has streamlined the execution of advertising effectiveness initiatives.

Kevin Arrix

Founder, Evergreen Eleven LLC

Formerly CRO Verve, MTV (Viacom), CNN

Kevin is the Founder of Evergreen Eleven, a strategic consultancy and advisory firm for media, ad technology and advertising revenue generation. With previous stints in executive and revenue leadership at Verve, Viggle, MTV Networks (Viacom) and CNN, Kevin has the unique perspective of growing businesses within start-up and public company environments. Kevin is an industry veteran with extensive agency, marketer and publisher relationships, and has always been on the forefront of emerging technologies and business models.

Proshonjit Das

Blockchain Advisor

Increasing my presence at the forefront of innovative advancements in decentralized technology, I strive to consistently deliver performance driven products, in the space of cloud services, artificial intelligence, and distributed systems.

Ajay Prakash

CEO, Qubit Protocol

Formerly: Founding team of Republic Protocol


DoGood Media, founded in 2014, is a registered Delaware corporation specializing in advertising and market research. DoGood Media pairs its High-Growth Media Brand Portfolio together with a proprietary Audience Extension Product Suite to dramatically reduce costs and complexity while driving profits for publishers, performance for advertisers and positive media experiences for consumers. DoGood Media has grown revenue at over 50% year over year with 2017 ending at nearly $5 million USD and 29% net income margins. Looking over the last 3 years, DoGood Media has grown a total of 4900% (49x), placing it 3rd among all US media companies, and 75th overall. As one of the top start-up companies in the US, DoGood Media is honored with Microsoft’s premier BizSpark Sponsorship program and supported by Signature Bank, one of Chicago’s top business banks.






Meet the OPTin Sidechain

Transparency is a major concern for all DoGood Media products. As such, our first priority with all token transactions is to make data regarding transfer of funds available for anyone to see.
The blockchain technology has this feature embedded for token purchases from crypto exchanges, but the same would be impossible for every microtransactions in our user rewarding platform, due to high fees.
Enter the OPTin Sidechain: an extensive logging system for every credditing inside the DoGood Media environment. It also features a robust, easy to use browsing system for our full records database.
Check the Sidechain logs


Use Coins 2018 2019 2020 % of market in 2020
Ad Media Buying $15,000,000 $50,000,000 $100,000,000 Less than 1%
Council $1,000,000 $2,000,000 $5,000,000 Compare to MRC
Ad Network Gateway $200,000 $500,000 $1,000,000
Market Research Products $5,000,000 $20,000,000 $50,000,000 Less than 1%
3rd party venture capital $100,000 $5,000,000 $10,000,000 NEW
3rd party applications NEW
Crowd sourced brand-safety for ad content $150,000 $500,000 $1,000,000 NEW
Panel Companies $5,000,000 $10,000,000 $50,000,000 10%
Targeting $1,000,000 $5,000,000 $10,000,000 Less of 1%
Multiples of Float 10x 20x 40x Massive velocity

High use projection

  • Ad Media Buying
  • Panel Companies
  • Targeting
  • Market Research Products

Small use projection

  • Council
  • Ad Network Gateway
  • 3rd party venture capital
  • Crowd sourced brand-safety for ad content


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DATEMay 12, 2018 WHERE Uris Hall, Columbia University CITY New York, USA Visit Event Page

Blockchain Without Borders Summit 2018

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Coindesk Consensus 2018

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1 What is the OPTin Coin?
Opt-In Coin is a cross platform ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain which allows users to get rewarded for their behavioral data, allows advertisers to pay publishers directly, and allows for authentication of user data.
2 Which company is behind OPTin Coin?
OPTin Blockchain in Cayman Islands is the company creating, issuing, and selling the OPTin Coin. DoGood Media, EarnHoney, and many other partners have committed to supporting the OPTIN Coin, and is using this currency to fund and power the advertising platform.
3Price per Optin Coin
The price per OPTin Coin is USD 0.10 for each OPTin Coin purchased on the platform during Pre-ICO and ICO
4How much ETH to buy one OPTin?
As the prices of ETH varies on a daily basis we peg OPTin Coin to USD and ETH-USD pricing conversion will be done on August 14, 2018.
5How much are we raising?
The OPTIN Blockchain company is raising $10 million USD via token sales and another $10 million USD will be raised via equity fund raise from DoGood Media. The $20 million will be used to grow user base, attract additional cornerstone advertising clients, and develop the platform. The OPTIN token is a utility token, which allows holders to purchase ad space, to receive additional payouts for their engagement data, and vetted companies to receive raw behavioral data (still anonymous though).
6What is the total supply of OPTin Coin?
The total supply of OPTin Coin is 430,000,000. This is the maximum number of OPTin Coins available at any given point in time.
7Will there be more offerings?
No, OPTin Coins will only be sold during its Pre-ICO and ICO phases. To obtain OPTin Coins after the ICO, please register to one of our platforms ( and participate in a variety of our programs and activities on the platform.
8What exchanges are you traded on?
We are looking to get listed on HITBTC and LATOKEN exchanges after the ICO, assuming we hit the soft cap.
9What are the KYC/AML process required to buy OPTin Coin?
We are required by law to know our customers and take measures to report money laundering activities that may takes place on our platform. We use to verify our token holders. Buyers of more than 10,000 OPTIN ($1000) is required to fill out a short questionaire and/or send in a government ID.
10Are there any country or regional restrictions for buying OPTin Coin?
OPTIN tokens maybe only be sold to US accredited investors, and non-US residents.
11What are you bonus program for buyers?
Purchasers buying OPTin Tokens are rewarded with a 30% bonus during the first week of pre-sale and a 20% bonus the week after. During public sale, buyers are rewarded with a 10% bonus for the first week and do not receive any bonus afterwards.
12Are there any bounty/airdrop programs for the community to participate in?
Please check our BitCoinTalk thread for Bounty programs.
13How do I buy OPTin Coins?
You can only purchase OPTin Coins from Do not buy from any other websites or persons claiming to sell you OPTin Coins.
14How do I receive my OPTin Coins?
You will receive your OPTin Coins in your wallet on and OPTin Coins can be transferred to your personal wallet on any supported Ethereum wallets which accepts ERC20 token.
15Someone reached out to me via private chat to sell OPTin Coins. What should I do?
No one from OPTin Coin will reach out to you directly anytime during the pre-ICO or ICO to sell you OPTin Coin. Please report anyone who has done so to our support team.